Matheus Nachtergaele, Seu Jorge, Alexandre Rodrigues,

Leandro Firmino Da Hora

Miramax Films; Directed by Fernando Meirelles

Rated R: 138 minutes: 2003


This shockingly violent film shows the unbelievable poverty, greed, danger and crime in the Cidade de Deus - a housing project started in the 60s that became one of the most dangerous places in Rio de Janeiro. Busca-Pe is a poor black child who takes the eye of an artist to his horrific surroundings. He eventually becomes a professional photographer where he attempts to capture the humanity of a seemingly inhumane existence.


In Portuguese with English subtitles



This film addresses many issues from the 60s that are still pertinent today crime, poverty, gang violence. Have a panel discussion to bring these issues up on your campus.