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Planning a movie on your campus just got even easier with this set of short tutorials. Designed to work cohesively with our Campus Movie Program Guide, these videos focus on ways to make your events a success.


Logistics and Training

This introductory session addresses the process of hosting a movie event, touching upon topics like picking your dates, choosing a movie, planning and promoting.

Ways To Use Movies

This session introduces you to the many other benefits of using movies on your campus, including educating, informing and enlightening your audience.

Promoting Your Movie Event

In this clip, learn how to use your promotional templates, posters, email, social media, giveaways and more to fill your seats.

Beef Up Your Movie Event

This session shows you to incorporate themes and more to increase your event's impact and boost attendance.

Funding Your Event

This tutorial covers different ways you can fund your movie program, as well as tips on what you can do to lower costs.

Copyright Compliance

Present your entertainment legally by following the rules in this clip. Get your questions answered in our facts section and learn what U.S. Copyright Law says.

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